Pierre Blanche is a real estate developer in the south of France.

President’s statement

"Seven years ago, my project was to develop my own vision of high-end and contemporary real estate development. Through exclusive services and exceptional addresses, we build properties that offer permanent access to luxury, design and innovation.

Pierre Blanche presents itself as the author of a modern and elegant art of living."

Rodrigue Monteiro,
President of Pierre Blanche Monaco


We are real estate developers with high-end and innovative constructions nestled in the heart of majestic places.

Each of our real estate programs respects the environment in which it is located. We strive for sustainability and reliability in order to design homes that integrate into their ecosystem with longevity.

High-End Finishes

At Pierre Blanche Monaco, we tastefully combine the art of living, design and materials. Our projects are designed by renowned architects who create your interiors and give substance to our vision.

To distinguish itself, Pierre Blanche Monaco uses high quality materials whose selection has made the reputation of our organization. Natural light enhances each of our creations, creating warm and contemporary living spaces.

We present buildings with high quality services to satisfy the expectations of an international and demanding clientele.

Over the years, Pierre Blanche Monaco has been able to appropriate and reinterpret the codes of luxury in its constructions. Our clients are invited to evolve in havens of peace whose prestige is assured by their quality and location.


Shaped by timeless design, Pierre Blanche Monaco builds homes that have the vocation of putting time on hold. Year after year, timelessness, elegance and functional design will give your real estate project a sense of aesthetic permanence.


Materials are an indispensable element at Pierre Blanche Monaco. It is an integral part of our thinking when we conceive a project architecturally. In this way, our constructions fit harmoniously into the environments we select.

Respecting the environment and the biodiversity that surrounds them, our real estate projects favor low-carbon techniques and architecture designed to allow vegetation to live and express itself freely as close as possible to your home.


Each of our creations is designed to make your home a moment of conviviality and sharing.

Our interior designers create common spaces and meeting places for neighbors to create fluidity and social ties within our buildings. Swimming pools and gardens complete this approach so that our designs strike the right balance between discretion and conviviality.


Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Our homes and accommodations are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the serenity of our residents.

Home automation, access control, electronic and digital surveillance, we do everything possible to ensure safe living spaces.


All of our buildings benefit from the expertise of our teams and our architects who strive to find and implement solutions and techniques that revolutionize their field.

Pierre Blanche also offers the serenity of working with trusted partners who are committed to respecting current construction standards. For us, the word "durability" inevitably rhymes with the notion of quality. Quality of techniques, quality of teams, quality of materials... With Pierre Blanche, you can be sure that you are buying a property that will always be synonymous with design and reliability.